Through different inner spaces Hanne Ulla explores the interpretation of the body´s exteriority and interiority with nature as her guiding metaphor. Using an array of different painterly and drawing techniques her images also attempt to open up to a subjective experience of the image language alone. The term inner space is used by the british science fiction author J.G Ballard.  Ballard created his own technique where he believed that through landscapes you could depict people's state of mind, their feelings and emotions - their mental landscapes. 

Hanne Ulla (born 1984, Ålesund) lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She graduated from Oslo University College with a MA in Art in Society (2017). In recent years her exhibition activity includes Pluss pluss, Black Box Theater (Oslo), Kosmonauten (Berlin) and Forgotten Bar Project (Berlin). Her work has also been commissioned in Morgenbladet, Eno, Fett and GUSTAF.

She is also the founder of the artist run initiative Masse Appell. 


Hanne Ulla

Vardeveien 41a, 1182 OSLO 

+47 41312962